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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Baby

Well, Quinn is a water baby if I have ever seen one! We went swimming for the first time at Aunt Emmy and Uncle Mark's house and he loved every second of it! I am so excited that he is down with the pool! We were hoping that in the next 5 or 6 years that we would put one in at our house, but I'm thinking that it might have to be a little bit sooner than that.

So, since I last blogged, Quinn's mouth is healing nicely. No more bleeding issues and he is back to his regular eating habits...not that I am really thrilled about that since he is eating us out of house and home. A typical breakfast for him is something along the lines of 2 scrambled eggs, a waffle and a whole banana. Seriously. His metabolism must be crazy fast because he is down to 50th percentile for weight (still 90th for height).

The girls have stayed very busy by driving me crazy. Friday was my first day alone with all three of them. This is just a smidge of what my day was noon I put on my oven mitt and pulled out the baking sheet of chicken nuggets for lunch. Quinn was napping and the girls were playing upstairs, so I figured this was the perfect time to get lunch set up and then it would be ready to go. Well, I used my mitted hand to pull out the sheet and place it on top of the stove. It was a little off center on the burners, so I used my unmitted hand to straighten it out. What the hell??? Hello, burned thumb and index finger. I ran them under cold water and then I had to go to the bathroom. It took me approximately 9 minutes to undo my shorts because of my insanely throbbing fingers. As I'm going to the bathroom, the house phone starting ringing, so from the toilet I holler up the stairs to the girls to answer the phone, which they do not do in time before the machine picked up. The caller does not leave a message and instantly my cell phone starts blaring from my purse. I am desperately trying to get my shorts pulled up and fastened, but it will take another 9 minutes to do that, so I race for the which point cry starts screaming holy hell having woken from his nap. Who was calling? Yes, that would be Chris. See, this is a perfect example of why I should not be the lone adult in charge. I can't even make chicken nuggets without burning myself. A little while later, we headed over to Frankie/Rebecca's for a little swim in the pool and so that I would not be the only adult around.

Saturday was delightful. Chris's mom took the girls to see UP and we ran errands with the boy. Molly came up and spent the night. I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime and knew for sure that it was a poor choice when I had to get up for church Sunday morning. (story about church to follow in a later post) Chris then made Sunday supper for us. Molly stayed and played with the girls (who absolutely adore her). Monday I made a super schedule for us and it kicked my ass. But, there was not a burning incident, we were not flying by the seat of our pants and when the girls began a question with, "When are we going to..." I could say, "Go check the schedule." Awesome.

I have more to say (imagine that!) but feel that I need to get something more accomplished during this time then a 5,000 word blog post. Perhaps there will be more later!

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