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Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, it's Sunday...and I seem to be on a "Sunday posting only" roll lately. It irritates me. Really it does. Mainly because I read other people's blogs and it irritates me when they don't update as regularly as I wish they would because then I have things to do to help me procrastinate about posting to my own blog. :)

Some points of interest...

1. The best part about this cheerleading thing is the fact that the team Chan will be cheering for is....wait for it...the Black Panthers. Yep. Its true. The league has the Red Panthers, the White Panthers and the Black Panthers. I think I may teach the girls to raise their right hand in the air. I friend of mine suggested a cheer involving Malcolm X. Perhaps a jacket with "By Any Means Necessary" embroidered on the back.

2. Quinn has molars coming in. Big boy teeth. Awesome.

3. We had Josefina's b-day party yesterday. Yes, a party (complete with cake and ice cream) for the doll. Ella brought her dolls over to join in the fun. She also brought 3 gift bags full of presents. She apparently cleaned out her room and brought over what she no longer wanted. So thoughtful. I made crowns for the girls...and the dolls. Between that and the cheerleading coaching gig, I think that I am a shoe in for Mother of the Year.

I will try to post more frequently this week. It may happen and then again, it may not. We'll see.

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