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Sunday, August 2, 2009

It is the End

So today was Chan's debut as an acolyte. She was fantastic (if I do say so myself)! She was completely nervous and walked very, verrrrrrrrry slowly. As an acolyte, you have to sit in the front pew so that you can resume duties during the offering and at the end of the service. This means that the 2 acolytes have to sit by themselves (meaning no adults) on the front pew...where everyone can see them. I threatened Chandler that if she goofed off (such as laying down, asking for gum, or talking Aiden into playing tic-tac-toe) I would organize her stoning myself, which apparently worked. She was an angel. Her hands were numb by the end of the service because she was proactive in keeping herself out of trouble and sat on them for the full hour.

Yesterday was also mine and Chris's graduation from UGA. He now has a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, and I have a Ed.S in Instructional Technology with a focus in School Library Media. Whew! We did not actually attend graduation (which has made the whole thing anticlimactic), but I did consider putting on my cap and gown while serving the children breakfast yesterday morning.

To help celebrate, I did have a girls' night out since dear Jules is in town from the NYC. MMe, Molly, Julie, Christy and Mandi had a great evening together - eating, drinking and laughing- which is definitely what we do best.

Tomorrow marks the end of our summer. We both start back to work in the morning. I will miss these sweet faces all day. *Yes, I know Chan isn't in the picture, but since she and Casey are identical, I figure its ok.

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