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Sunday, April 14, 2013


This past week was glorious.  You may think I'm being sarcastic (especially if you know me IRL), but really, I'm not. 

1. My mom's birthday weekend.  I think this year may have been one of the best.  Saturday night Chris made homemade enchilada's, black beans and avocado for dinner.  We spent the evening playing killer uno and laughing.  Sunday morning we lazed around in pajamas and then spur of the moment decided to drive into Athens and have lunch at Heirloom.  

 2.  After lunch we had an amazing photo shoot with our sweet friend, Abby.  The kids were great and in 26 minutes we had some fantastic shots and went on our merry way.

3. It was crazy warm this week.  Like, I painted my toes and broke out the sandals kind of warm.  And instantly I felt a million times better.  Incidentally, I matched my ears and my toes one day this week...with a pink/mint combo...pretty impressive, if you ask me. ;)

 4.  It was Spring Break at the dance studio.  So we didn't have to drive any crazy long distances after work this week and it was glorious.  Glorious, I tell you.

5.  Quinn got to spend some time planting in Doe Doe and Pop Pop's garden while the girls and I ate dinner street side at The Grit

Afterward, we headed over to my school's Spring Fling, where they won an assortment of bakery items from the cake walk and rode horses three times while I manned the nail polish booth.  It's important to be able to show your customers (two tickets, please) sample nails.

And, yes, my nails still look like that...two days later...

6.  For a super fabulous reason, I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and made some delicious mini pistachio cakes.  It was lovely to have a quiet house to myself for an hour before anyone else woke up.

7.   Quinn and I spent some time snuggling this morning. I was finishing up my book, he was playing some super serious puzzle app on the ipad.

8. Chris made some AMAZING dinners this week.  And we had the first watermelon salad of the season.  Oh, how I love the watermelon salad.  And these potatoes - olive oil, garlic, rosemary - all smashed together.  Yeowzers.  This man can cook.  Amen.

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