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Monday, November 10, 2008


Not that I don't have a billion things to do in my life right now - raising 3 children (and ALL that entails), work, a ton of grad school stuff (I continue to be waaaaaay behind), scrapbooks (I still haven't put the first picture in of Quinn, let alone the 800 others that I have taken since he was born), trying to maintain friendships and keep in touch with family, etc...BUT, for those of you who truly know me, know this about me...I almost always have a book with me. I typically carry one in my purse. I keep one in the bathroom. Chris and I used to read before bed every night. I kept a reading log with notes and usually added 2 books a week to it. And then Quinn came along. Since he was born, I have made it through 2 books 4 months. Until this last week! We drove out to Mom's which afforded me 2 hours each way to do nothing but READ! It was pure bliss! I finally read MARLEY AND ME (Grogan), which made me both laugh and cry. If you are a dog lover, it is a definite MUST READ! I also finished FOUND (Haddix). This is a new series by the author that brought us ELLA ENCHANTED and THE SHADOW CHILDREN SERIES (fabulous, if I do say so myself). I am really excited about this new series...quite the page turner! And I am about 50 pages from the end of book 3 in THE BLUE BLOODS series. This one is another vampire series, not nearly as wonderful as TWILIGHT, but drenched in pop culture. When I am reading, I actually feel that there is a small slice of normalcy to my life...despite the fact that we have a 4 month old in the house, twins that are trying their best to keep us on our toes at every turn in the road, Chris and I are both juggling grad school and careers that follow us home every night and the hours that I have spent on the phone since the beginning of school with various friends and family members trying to deal with and make sense of my dad's cancer. Reading takes me back to a time when I didn't have all of this on my plate...a time when I was just a little girl stretched out on the floor of my walk in closet, book in hand, with my mother begging me to go outside and play.

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Patrick and Melinda Wallace said...

I have to tell you, Angie, this makes me feel a million times better. I have been having tremendous pangs of guilt because since James's arrival, I, too, have only gotten through two books! In SEVEN weeks. This is unheard of. But if you're on that same pace, then at least I'm in good company. :)