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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Few Tidbits

For dinner tonight we had quesadillas and spanish rice. Here is a snip of our conversation:

Me: Casey, do you want any spicy tomatoes? (salsa)
Casey: Yes, because you know I love spicy food.
Me: Yes, I know. Do you want it on the side of your rice or on top?
Casey: On the side. You know who else loves spicy food?
Me: Who?
Casey: My best friend, Luciana. She's a Mexican.

So then we had a long conversation about if she made the assumption or if Luciana actually told her this....

In other news, Quinn is now responding to his name...but only when Chris says it. So, he is already ignoring everyone else in the house. :)

Chandler is upset because they have been lining up in ABC order in their class and she, of course, has to stand behind Casey. This is completely unfair (according to her) because she had to be born after Casey too. So, she wishes that she was named Casey so that she could at least be first in line.

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shannon said...

i just read this post aloud to my wife. your kids are adorable.