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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Just a Hole in the Wall

Yep. That's a hole in the wall alright. Wondering how it got there? Let me just tell you the short a minute...
This is what my front room looks like. That is the furniture from the craft room (which is what used to be the dining room, which is the room with the hole in the wall) that has all been moved into the front room. Awesome.

So, back to how this happened....Last spring our air didn't work, so we called the builder. The first tech said that he "sees it all the time...a nail from the chair rail or crown molding in the dining room goes right into the line and causes a leak"...and they'd have to cut a hole in the wall to fix it. So, then a 2nd tech was sent out who said the unit just needed to be charged. Problem solved. Only, it wasn't. When we went to turn on the air for the first time this spring - on April 24th when it was 88 degrees outside - it only blew hot air. Right, this is the short version...warranty up, told builder it was their problem, it took 2 weeks for a tech to come out, and VOILA! there is now a 3ft hole in the wall and the chair rail is what is laying on the floor. I called the builder to let them know my list of demands...
1. fix the damn hole in the wall
2. put up a new damn chair rail
3. reimburse us the damn $78 for the service call
4. reimburse us for the damn paint we're going to have to buy when we repaint the damn wall

He told me to put it in writing. Awesome. He didn't know that I was an English teacher. I wrote two pages. I revised 4 times. I read it to a variety of audiences to get feedback before hitting the send button. Monday afternoon I got a call about where to fax the receipt to. Today I got a call the schedule the patch job. We'll see about the rest. I am prepared to call Channel 2 Action News and put up an "Unhappy Homeowner" sign in my front yard. I think it will really help sell the houses down the street from us.

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molly said...

That a girl! Don't let them push you around. The hole in the wall blows and it is totally their fault. The house is brand new. So anything wrong with it is due to them not doing their job.