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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Friday the girls went on a field trip to see the movie Earth at the IMAX theatre and then to a park to eat lunch and play. I figured that they would be off the wall by the time that they got home. But, no. It was all hum glum.

Me: So, girls how was the movie?
Girls: Fine.
Me: Did you go to the park?
Girls: Yes.
Me: How was it?
Girls: Fine.

Catch my drift? No smiles. No laughing. Staring at the floor...

Me: So, what's wrong?
Girls: Nothing.
Chris: Well, something is wrong. I think there is something going on between them. Chan looked like she was ready to cry when I picked them up.
Me: Chan, were you ready to cry?
Chan: No. *and then busts out in tears*
Me: What's going on? What happened? What's wrong Chan?
Chan: Siiiiisssssttttterrrrr bit me!
*look of shock on mine and Chris's face*

Me: Case, did you bite sister?
Casey: She bit me too!
*Chris and I - another look of shock, followed by hysterical laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation*

Casey: Why are you laughing?
Me: Because you are 7. Why are you biting each other? Did you do this at school?
Chan: Casey bit me when we were going to bed last night.
Me: Casey did you bite her last night?
Casey: I was scared. I was having a bad dream. My teeth were shaking and I got too close to her.

Do I really need to play by play the rest of this conversation? No, probably not. It took about 45 minutes for us to get the whole story. Casey bit Chandler on the top of the head when they were going to bed. She then begged Chan not to tell, so she didn't and instead carried this animosity to school the next day. Chandler asked Casey to play with her at school on Friday and Casey screamed "no" in her face, so she grabbed her and bit the top of her head...just so she could know how it feels.

Big sigh. Do I need to remind you that they are 7? 7!! They had no tv privileges Friday night and they went to bed at their usual time instead of staying up later. We also had a long talk about the wrongs in this situation.... 1. the biting 2. the begging not to tell 3. holding a grudge when agreeing not to tell 4. screaming in someone's face (how rude!) 5. biting in retaliation 6. taking a problem that you have with sister to school instead of keeping it at home.

For any GSES teachers out there that read my blog, if you see my children biting each other at school, please send them to the principal's office.

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molly said...

What is scary is that this scenario reminds me of two of my coworkers and they are in their 20's. Scary, huh?