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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Private Area Problem

So last week, as the girls were getting ready to take a bath, Casey showed up in the living room, wrapped in her towel, hand on her hip and looking completely bent out of shape.

Me: Yes?
Casey: Mama, Chandler just put her finger in my private area. (big disgusted sigh)
Me: What???!??! Go tell your sister to come down here right now.

Chandler enters the room, wrapped in a towel, acting very low key.
Chandler: Mama, I know what you want to talk to me about.
Me: You do? Then what is it?
Chan: That I put my finger in Casey's private area. (big sigh)
Me: Yes. What on God's green Earth were you thinking? Why, Chandler, why would you do something like that???
Chan: Well, we were getting in the bathtub and Casey was bending over and I said, "Ooh, Case, you need to wipe better. There's some brown on your tush." And Casey said, "Where?" So I said, "Right here." And I pointed my finger on her bottom and then she moved and my finger slipped and went right in the hole in her tush.
Me: I see. Well. Ok, let's make a new rule in the house.... Do not EVER put your finger anywhere near anyone else's private area for any reason. Any reason whatsoever at all. Keep your finger to yourself.
Chandler: Ok, Mama. Can I take a bath now?

The girls are spending the week out at mom's and I am grateful for that. :)

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Cindy said...

Too funny for words!!!