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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About that running thing...

First, let me just say that if you don't want to read me being a complainer, then you should perhaps stop reading.  Just sayin.

So about that running thing...I am not very good at it.  And I don't really like it.

But, you know what else I don't like?  Not fitting into the jeans that I bought last Christmas.

You know what else I'm not good at?  Dieting.

And you know what else I don't like?  Seeing a number on the scale that I haven't seen since I was six months pregnant.  (I know numbers aren't everything.)

You know what else I'm not good at?  Going to the gym.

So back to the running... We bought a treadmill at the end of July.  It sits in our living room {ruining my decor} and I use it 3, sometimes 4, times a week.  Some days I get on there and only do a mile, some days I do a little over 3 miles.  The important thing to me is that I keep getting on it.  Even when I don't feel like it and I forgive myself if a mile is all I can give.  That mile is more exercise than I would have gotten if I had stayed sitting on the couch or at the jewelry table.  Really, I congratulate myself with a big pat on the back every time I turn the dang thing on.

Here's my secret...  {and this is the BEST part of it being in our home}  I sing while I'm on it.  Loudly.  And sometimes I dance.  And raise the roof.  Because that is fun to me and I always felt deprived of this when I went to the gym.

{Chris keeps threatening to set up a secret camera.  We all know that I would kill him if he did.}

When I told a friend about the singing, she said, "But shouldn't your lungs already be in use?  I'm not sure you should be able to sing."

To that I reply...

1.  Yes, they should be and they are.  I never said that I sounded good while singing - just that I was doing that.

2.  It takes my mind off the running.  You know, the thing I don't like.  It's sort of like I have to keep talking while getting my blood drawn - I pass out otherwise.  Not that I would pass out if I didn't sing, but, you get the point.

3.  I use the term "running" loosely.  I want to exercise, not kill myself.  Baby steps, people, baby steps. 

We've also changed our eating habits.  And our drinking habits.  {more water, what, what!!}  And I am bribing myself with a new pair of shoes at my 50 mile mark.  I hit 30 last night.

Since the last week in July I've lost 6, some days 7, pounds.  I could actually get my last year's jeans on the other night and I still had circulation to my feet.  2 months ago they were strangling my thighs to the point of no return.

So is that progress?  Yes, I believe so.

curious about what I'm listening to?  here's a sampling...


natalia said...

you go girl. keep it up.
you inspire me to get up and move.
i haven't been in the "mood" to do so lately. ha.
whatever that means!
i just need to get up and go.

love your blog.

Emily pendergrass said...

I hope your lungs are always working. And if they're not Chris better call me.

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Watch out ... you *might* just start to enjoy it!! Seriously I COMMEND you for continuing to run on the treadmill. I'm an outside runner and when we did have a treadmill (in our room ... sexy, yes) I would be on it for less than 10 minutes and find 3.4 million other things to do rather than run. So I run half my distance away from my house and know that I have to get back so I might as well run an get it over with.

I did 50 miles in May, June and July ... which is not to brag, just to encourage you to keep on keepin' on and I highly recommend a good pair of shoes and treats/rewards to keep you going.

Happy running to you!! :D

Angie said...

Thank you, Friends, for all of your kind words and support!

Em - if my lungs stop, you'll be the 2nd call, right after 911. :)

Janelle said...

Way to go! Keep on keeping on and one of these days you'll realize it's not half bad anymore (at least, that's what I keep telling myself)!

Emily said...

It's good that you sing while you run. When you do that kind of exercise, you are over exerting yourself if you can't speak in a normal voice while doing it. So, by singing, you keep your exertion level in check. That's a good thing. And you know you can trust my professional opinion - I am a health educator after all. :)

Unknown said...

Darling, your friend Emily is right! Unless you're in the middle of some kind of interval training, you should always be able to hold a normal conversation while running. All that matter is you keep going, not how fast or how pretty or how melodious your singing. Your happiness afterwards is melody enough!

If you want to do a race when I'm home in December, I'm up for it!!