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Thursday, September 20, 2012

WooHoo Giveaway!!!!

Guys, I want to tell you all about a super awesome giveaway...BUT, I am tired.  And I am blogging from the dance studio.  And I can't figure out picasa albums to be able to upload pictures from Lindsay to my blog.  If you know me, this should not surprise you.  It should not surprise you at all.  Yes, I have been blogging for over four years now.  Yes, I (technically) have a degree in instructional technology.  Yes, I spend a great deal of time online and yes, I should know how to do these things.

Big sigh.

But right now I just want to throw my hands up and holler out, "It's broken!"

So, in the meantime (in between time) go visit a one of my friends' blogs to see the pictures...

...and enter the giveaway.  (I can't make the rafflecopter link work for me right now either.  Grrr.)

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