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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Gig Is Up

How is it that I am finding time for 2 posts in one day, you might ask? Well...

a. the girls are at Frankie's
b. Q is napping
c. I am not grocery shopping today (executive decision made to preserve what is left of my sanity)
d. I am not doing laundry today (I say this now, but I know I will cave and throw a load in after Q wakes up)
e. I am just that awesome

While all of the above are true, I am not awesome enough to hide the Christmas presents well. The girls cleaned up their room this morning and then we sent them to work on the spare bedroom. They have begun treating this room as an extension of their room. They apparently decided to play 52 card pick up with the uno deck at some point this week in there and forgot about the pick up part. So, they were sent in there to clean. And then sent back when Chris found more uno cards behind the bed. The problem with this was the fact that I hid half of the zhu zhu pet haul (among other gifts) under said bed. Casey began screaming, "I found the zhu zhu pets! I found the zhu zhu pets!" Over, and over at the top of her lungs! Excitement was in the air! Children were giggling, running in circles and shrieking with delight! Chris looked at me as if to say I was the biggest dumbass on planet Earth. (Which in that moment, I was.) We sent the girls to their room and conferred on what our plan of action was going to be. It was not a problem that they found Christmas gifts....the problem was that they found the Santa gifts. Gifts that we have invested too much money in to give to them from us and buy new Santa gifts. Big sigh. So, we decided to tell them to pretend it never happened. We will not be talking about it. And if they don't follow our directions, Santa might not come at all because Santa doesn't like little girls that can't follow directions and he will put you on the naughty list. Big sigh. We'll deal with it when they come down stairs Christmas morning only to find all of the zhu zhu pet crap that was under the bed in the spare room in October. At that point, I think the Santa gig might be up.

1 comment:

Allyson said...

Tell them Santa needed a hiding place. He's old so he enlists parents to help store the gifts until Christmas. Do they seriously think a big fat man comes down the chimney with a bag FULL of toys? He has enough problems getting himself down the chimney. All the toys in his sleigh are for the third world countries that don't have beds to hide things under. Good Luck with that one!