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Monday, October 5, 2009

My One Success

This was my one success of the weekend. I made my stepmother's very famous pistachio cake. Seriously. I made a cake. And then I sold it. The UMW was having a bake sale at church, so I made this super delicious cake and someone actually bought it. I think they either a. didn't know that I made it or b. don't know about my last cooking fiasco. Either way, truly, my one success of the weekend.

This is a picture of Quinn's latest success. He knows where his head is...and he will show you that he knows this on command. Yes, it is very awesome. This is also his pose when he drops something and when you say something to him that he doesn't like. I think he is a genius.

The girls each cashed in $20 daddy dollars and invited a friend over to spend the night Friday night. By Saturday night, I needed my own spend the night party...preferably in an insane asylum. Chandler's friend decided that she wanted to go home when it was bedtime (10:30pm) and her mom came and got her. Chan then proceeded to have a melt down...until a little after midnight. I slept with her in the spare bedroom. It is not very comfortable to sleep with a very long legged seven year old that lays horizontal in the bed. I awoke at 5am to a very loud and disturbing noise. Casey and her friend were up and decided now was a good time to play Lincoln Logs. So they dumped the ginormous bucket of them out on to the floor to begin building their very important structure. Did I mention that this was at 5am???? I told them to go back to sleep. They didn't. Slightly after 5 Q woke up. (Gee, I wonder why??) I gave him a sippy cup, rocked him back to sleep and went back in to tell the girls AGAIN to go back to bed. It was now 5:30am. At 6am there was much giggling and squealing. I went in to tell them to keep it down. At 6:30am there was screaming. I went in to beg them for the love of God and all that is holy to please be quiet. At 6:45am, Casey came in our bedroom to announce, "Mama, we're hungry." Of course you're hungry, you've been up since damn 5am in the morning! At this point, I politely asked Chris to get up with the hungry children. He made breakfast and then came back to bed until Q officially woke up, 45 min later. The little friend went home at 11am and the children and I all took naps after lunch. We desperately needed naps to get us through the rest of the day, which included a 4:30 b-day party at Chuck E. Cheese. Sunday, Chris took the children to Sunday school, I did a 28 minute supermarket sweep and then met my family for the church service. We stayed for fellowship dinner and the bake sale. Chris took the children home while I stayed for book club. I got home around 3pm and Chris made a fabulous dinner. I got 4 loads of laundry done and then Q refused to go to bed. I finished a Jane Green book and went to bed.

It is Monday and I am still celebrating my one success of the weekend...that damn cake!

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