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Friday, October 23, 2009

I wish I could burn the calendar

At the end of September I looked at Chris and said, "September really sucked. But, so far, October looks great! The last week is book fair, but other than that, I think everything will be just 'normal' busy - not 'super' busy."

I will never make such a bold statement again. I was foolish in making that statement and now I am getting ready to pay the price. I was really just tempting fate to deal us a "super" busy calendar....and it has.

This week we have....
1. pictures with Frankie tomorrow, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry
2. Sunday - church and fall festival at my school
3. Monday - Book Fair begins, Cheer Off at 7pm - I have no idea what this is going to be like, so I just keep picturing scenes from "Bring It On"
4. Tuesday - Family Night at Book Fair AND another football night from 5-7, game at 6:30....good luck with that, right????
5. Wednesday - Muffins With Mom at Book Fair, dance class/halloween party for Casey
6. Thursday - Donuts With Dad at Book Fair
7. Friday - closing up book fair, heavy drinking (at home...not book fair!)
8. Saturday - possibly another football game, halloween
9. Sunday - church, party for football team and cheerleaders, children's choir practice

I really wish that I could just burn the calendar. But, the calendar is on my computer and that would be a really expensive temper tantrum. So, I will refrain.


Allyson said...

could just delete it and if anyone asks, tell them it wasn't on the calendar, so you didn't know anything about it.

Patrick and Melinda Wallace said...

Wow. I keep thinking things will be calmer when James is older, but, based on your experience, that looks unlikely. Good luck with this week, Ang. I'll think happy, calming thoughts for you. And for Chris, come to think of it. :)