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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love Frankie

No, really, I do. :) Q was a complete wild man during the photo shoot today, in short, he was a jerk. Seriously. But Frankie captured things that I didn't even know were going on - the sweetness of my children. Perhaps I should look more closely more often. I had the pleasure of watching her edit and I actually found myself tearing up at one of them. How lame am I??? Then we went to lunch and then she took the girls for a sleepover. Does your photographer* do that for you? If not, perhaps you should look for a new photographer. :) And I'll say it again....I love you, Frankie!

Just in case you want fab photos like these of your family and don't know about Frankie already, you can find more info at ~ tell her that I sent you so that she will love me as much as I love her!

*a photographer that also happens to be my bestie. seriously.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos! I saw them on FB and couldn't comment, but they are great! You were actually able to get a good group shot and that is almost impossible! What a great looking family!

In The Pursuit of Education said...

The new pictures are awesome!!!