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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Offense v. Defense

I may not know everything about football...but I typically can figure out when we are playing offense or defense. Seriously. Except, it seems, when 7 year olds are playing. Partly because I sit on the ground in front of the cheerleaders (not an optimal view of the field) and partly because 7 year olds take an extreme amount of time outs (in my opinion). So, at today's game the girls wanted to do cheers like "Hut, Hut" (we want a touchdown, gotta have a touchdown...) and "Hold That Line" (hold that line, defense, hold that line), and when questioned about this...

Me: Girls, I don't know if we're going to do those cheers today. I can't tell when we are playing offense and defense and those are pretty specific cheers to what is going on on the field.
Natalie: You could just go out there and talk to the football coach and find out if they're playing offense or defense.
Me: (chuckling) Yes, I could, but I really don't think the football coach wants to talk to the cheerleading coach about cheers in the middle of the game. And it would make me look, um, er, not so good.
Natalie: Well I could go out there and ask him.

This is what happens when the SUPER other coach, you know, the one that was actually a cheerleader, has to work on a Saturday.

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