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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy Dollars

We have started a new reward system at home. I certainly cannot take all of the credit for it because I read about it in an article in a Family Fun magazine that I stole from the doctor's office on Friday (I figure that they paid for the subscription with my $30 copay, so therefore, I do not feel bad for lifting it). In the past, we have used a sticker chart and treasure box, a weekly allowance and most recently, a consequences only system. As teachers, we both knew that consequences only is truly negative for the soul, so we were anxious to try something new (especially something that doesn't cost anything with the economy the way it is).

It works like this...Chris used this website - - to make Daddy Dollars...dollar bills that look like dollars, except instead of GW in the middle, its a picture of Chris. The girls earn their Daddy Dollars like this:
$1 - Ready on time in the morning (hair brushed, teeth brushed, etc.)
$1 - put clean laundry away
$1 - put dirty clothes in the hamper
$1 - homework finished and papers signed
$1 - clearing all of their dishes at each meal
$1 - cleaning the living room
$1 - hanging up their towels and letting the water out of the tub
$2 - at the end of the week for taking all of their stuff out of the van/car everyday
$5 - clean room Saturday morning

Then they get to spend their Daddy Dollars at the Mommy Market...
$2 - make a phone call
$2 - 30 minutes of Wii time or TV time (after homework and bath or weekends)
$3 - pick a dinner for the menu
$3 - a special dessert
$3 - 30 min later bedtime
$5 - Family Game Night
$5 - popcorn and a movie
$10 - 1 hour of scrapbook time with Mom
$10 - 1 hour bike riding or skateboarding with Dad
$10 - pick from the treasure box
$20 - invite a friend for a sleepover

So far, the girls are THRILLED with this plan...especially because they get to earn and spend throughout the day. They have each bought tv time and wii time, a movie and popcorn and Chandler made her first phone call her best buddy Uncle Mike.

I am hopeful that this reward system doesn't lose its appeal anytime soon. We're already thinking of new job and new rewards for when they become complacent. Tonight we are spending some time discussing budgeting their money and planning ahead. Good times and big fun at the Pendley household!

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