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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am my mother

First of, sorry that there haven't been any pictures lately. I despise the version of iphoto on this computer (it is a billion years old of course) and I am not entirely thrilled with my new camera or my old camera, so it pains me to take pictures and then load pictures.

I turned into my mother tonight. It happens in spurts with me...or I should say that I notice it in spurts. I did something that has scarred me for life to my own children...I picked 80% of what was on their floor into a trash bag (in front of them) and hauled the trash bag away. It is in the corner of my closet, but they don't need to know that right now. The problem is this - we have done charts, we have done allowance, we have taken away privileges, we have modeled cleaning with them and even taken pictures of what it should look like when it is done, and nothing seems to actually stick with them. We even rearranged their whole room a couple of weeks ago (which took Chris and I the ENTIRE weekend) taking down the bunk and taping off one side for each girl. Their room looks like a bomb went off in it. I am ok with most of the mess (normal, playing with things type mess), but what kills me (and I mean really, really kills me) are these two things....

1. dirty laundry all over the floor.
2. towels balled up on the bathroom floor.

For the love of God, just pick it up already. I did laundry today and there was at least another loads worth strewn about on both sides of the floor. I asked the girls how many times have I asked them to pick up the towels and Chan replied, "Um, I'd say, probably 14." Ugh!

So, I did what was done to me as a child and I bagged it all up. They will get it back at some point, but I need them to feel my frustration. Then I talked to my mother and she defended them! The queen of "I have a bone to pick with you, young lady!" defended THEM!! What??? I had a walk in closet (a small one) as a child and that was where my toys were...and where they stayed. If they came out, my room had to be spotless before dinner...otherwise it got bagged up. My bed was made even before I went to the bathroom...every single morning! We laugh now that our house was ready to show everyday even when we weren't trying to sell it. Mind you, my house is NOT like that, I just want the dirty clothes and towels picked up. Is that really too much to ask???

I just don't know what to do about it. Big sigh.

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