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Friday, September 18, 2009

There are many reasons why I don't cook...

...and this is one of them. I stayed home with Casey today because she had a fever (too high to go to school, but nothing serious enough for the doctor to medicate her for) and on our way home from the doctor, we stopped by the grocery store. I found this wonderful looking roast in the meat section, prepared by Publix, with potatoes, onions, carrots...the whole nine yards. Just add water and put in the oven. Easy, right? Um, not so much. The directions read, "Add small amount of liquid. Cover tightly. Simmer gently over low heat 325 oven, for 2-3 hours." So, I added the liquid and then stumbled on the "cover tightly" part. Cover tightly with what? A glass lid wouldn't fit the baking dish. Foil? Would that be tight enough? It didn't say foil. If they wanted me to use foil, they would say, "Cover tightly with foil." Right? The lid it came with fit tightly and you're supposed to cook it in the pan it came in, so that must be what they mean. So, I made sure the lid clicked back on, tightly, slid it in the oven and set the timer for 2.5 hours. Chris and the other kids came home. It was a lovely evening knowing that dinner would be ready soon and Chris didn't have to cook. The timer went off. I open the oven. And there it was...this enormous piece of meat, blackened, and uncovered.

Me: Um, Chris...did you take the cover off?
Chris: Nooooooo.
Me: Um, well, there was a lid on it and now there is no lid. Are you sure you didn't take it off?
Chris: No, I did not take the lid off. What happened to the lid?
Me: Oh. Oh. There it is. That can't be good.

At this point, Chris came over to stare into the oven with me. The plastic lid that I had used to "tightly cover" the pot roast with, had apparently exploded off the roast and was in the process of melting onto the oven rack. Chris got out tongs and plucked the shrivled up, melting lid, from the 325 degree metal, and then proceeded to make chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese for dinner.

In other news, Q received his first drive by hair cut a couple of weeks ago. Chris and I did this to him ourselves...with the clippers...while he was playing in the bathroom. We swiped him whenever we had the chance. My brother Joe thinks that we could find people to place advertisements on his forehead. If he's lucky, the long, swoopy bang will still be in when he grows up. Or he could be like his dad and his pop pop and just go bald and then the forehead won't matter so much.

This is him, wildly trying to climb up my skirt to get to the camera. It is a good picture to show just how many different lengths his hair really is.

Chan had cheerleading pictures and their first football game this week. Very exciting stuff. :)

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molly said...

Oh, the melted plastic... that's pretty bad. Is that what you have pictured at the top.
I do agree with the haircutting process. I think that is the same approach I would take. Just cut where you can. It's the "in" look.