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Monday, September 21, 2009

2nd Research Project

Chandler came home from school today with a rubric and directions for a research project that is due (written report, visual and presentation) next Friday. She is SUPER excited about it and is debating on researching the American flag or the bald eagle. Casey was not assigned this project since they are in different classes this year....and she is SUPER upset about this.

Casey: (whispering in my ear) Can I have a piece of cardboard?
Me: Cardboard?
Casey: You know, to make a poster...a visual with?
Me: Mom needs to get some at the store. Why do you need this?
Casey: I'm going to make it for Chandler for her project. I'm helping her.
Me: Honey, it doesn't work that way. She has to do her own project.
Casey: (pouting) But I don't have a project.
Me: I'm sure you will have plenty of projects to do this year.
Casey: So can I just do a project like Chandler for fun.
Me: Really?

So, we will now be completing two research projects in our for a grade and one just for fun.

**Update - everyone was ON TIME this morning and came in this afternoon pulling out their stuff for me to sign and reporting on what homework they had left to finish. I love Daddy Dollars.


Allyson said...

You think the doctor's office will take Daddy Dollars in exchange for the magazine you lifted?

Cindy said...

We have to do projects like that!