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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heard in my world...

I am trying (really trying) to have an open and honest relationship with the girls.  We talk openly about puberty (eeeeekkkkk!  what a yucky word!) and growing up and girly things and babies and boys (they know it goes the other way around...boys and then babies...but not before they're 30).  I want them to feel comfortable coming to me for questions. 

Chris and I have never let the girls ride a school bus and at this point, I slightly regret it...only because this is where the street education comes from.  And they are missing out on it.

So, anyway....on the way home from school last week we had this conversation...

Chandler:  So, what's the deal with the belly button again?
Me:  Um, well, your belly button is what is left of the umbilical cord which is how the baby gets nutrients from the placenta.
Chandler:  The what, huh????
Me:  The placenta.  It is what feeds the baby. 
Casey:  Wait, wait, wait a second....Isn't polenta something that we eat????

Not to worry, I clarified things for them.

When I told Chris about the conversation later, he said...

"What a great teachable moment!  You could have had a whole conversation about other cultures!"

Um, no, Friend, not having that conversation.


Emily said...

Oh, Chris. Really? Teachable moment? The teachable moment was that Angie clarified the difference between placenta and polenta. Angie, perhaps you should ask Chris to initiate a discussion on what other cultures do with their placentas.

Angie said...

That conversation is completely up to Chris! :)

Shary said...

I've encapsulated a few placentas. I know I couldn't personally eat mine, which is why I learned encapsulation. Placentas are really cool and can benefit new moms tons! I think you could all learn something nifty having this conversation. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahah...too funny!