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Monday, March 5, 2012

Youth Art Month Exhibit

The girls were bouncing off the walls last week when they brought home invitations to the Youth Art Month exhibit at the Lamar Dodd Art Building at UGA...where their work would be on display with other students' art from the district.  They were having a special reception for the artists over the weekend and so, well, being the good, supportive, (and PROUD) parents that we are, we went. 

As a special surprise, I invited Aunt Molly, without them knowing, to join us.  Molly and I went out to lunch first and then met Chris and the kids in the parking lot at the art building.  We could hear the girls (and Q) screaming when they saw her get out of the car.  If Molly didn't already know how much all three of my children love her I think she figured it out in that moment. 

Casey's artwork was a landscape design...

...clearly the work of a genius.

Chandler's was an abstract art self portrait...

...clearly the next Picasso.  She was SUPER excited about the third eye.

{Molly, Casey and Chandler}

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Anonymous said...

And clearly she was having a Hindi moment:) Love them, so adorable!!! I remember setting up those exhibits a few years back and whew, I'll tell you it's great to see someone enjoying all of the hard work that goes into it!