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Saturday, March 24, 2012


I don't know where the tail end of my week went.  Clearly, I missed a few days.  I do hate it when that happens.  {And believe me, my mom lets me know when I've missed a few days...even though I talk to her everyday.}  The girls had dance on Thursday and then I had book fair set up on Friday and then I was, well, pretty stinkin tired.  Book fair does that.

Here's some fun stuff that I've failed to post...

  • On the way into Athens this morning we saw cows in a pasture.  Not at all unusual.  What was unusual was this...
Quinn:  Hey!  Look!  There are the cows!
Chan:  Yes.  And what do cows make?
Quinn:  Cows make milk!
Chan:  Yes, they do.  When you squeeze on their gutters the milk comes out.

Yep.  She said gutters.  And she had no idea that they weren't gutters.  Clearly someone wasn't paying attention when she went on the field trip to Mayfield Dairy.  Clearly.

  • We drove into Athens this morning so that Chan could sing the National Anthem before a race...and then she ran the race!  She sang with 4 other students (she felt successful, no one laughed at her) and then ran the 5K and came in 3rd.  I was a complete dork cheering for her at the finish line.  Dork = proud mama.   Sadly though, I didn't take any pictures.  Ugh.  I hate it when I do that.
  • Footloose was on sale for super cheap at Target a couple of weeks ago so I bought it.  Oh how I loved that movie as a child.  And it's rated PG so I figured we could have a Footloose bonding night with the girls last night.  Um, yeah, so that was a fail on my part.  Especially the parts about drinking, smoking pot, teenage sex and dancing being a sin.  We had a lot of explaining to do.  
But Chris and I both really loved this line from the movie...

Roger:  Doesn't take much time for corruption to take root.
Shaw:  How long is that, Roger?  About as long as it takes compassion to die?

Which makes me wonder, which would be worse, corruption to take root or compassion to die?  I think compassion dying would be worse.  In my opinion.  Although I am sure there is a good argument for corruption too.  

Tomorrow, Friends, will be a jewelry day.  I hope to get lots {and LOTS} accomplished!

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Unknown said...

YEA Chan's singing and race! And in the rock-paper-scissors sort of way, compassion always beats corruption. That's what I say.