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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Pick Up

Our summer came to a screeching halt last week.  Chris went into work to take care of a few little things and came out knowing that he was booked for preplanning days and had massive amounts to prepare and so ended our summer with Chris home.  This also meant me+kids+end of summer=many fights.  Just sayin.

And a lot of it came down to missing Chan.  We were all missing Chan.

She is kind of our swing state.  She can hang out with Casey, she can play with Quinn and mostly she is just really, really good at her middle child position - she helps to keep the peace between the other two.

We received letters from her throughout the week - mainly about port-a-potties and caribbean bacon - and we were chomping at the bit to pick her up on Friday.

Here's Casey at the Closing Celebration at camp...she looks like she's chomping at the bit, doesn't she?  But I promise you, she was.

Finally re-united!  {Do you see how tired she is???  And did you notice that she is wearing her shirt backwards?  She liked the tie dye on the back of the shirt better than what happened on the front and now she is insistent that it is ok to wear the shirt backwards.}

We asked her if there was anything that she wanted to show us at camp...this was first on the list...

...there was a litter of kittens behind the dining hall that she visited everyday and couldn't wait to share them with Casey and Quinn.

We also went to the chapel (where, according to Chan, they had two hours of Jesus everyday).   When you leave the chapel, there is this sign...

...and I am pretty sure that it sums up everything that Camp Glisson is about.

Chan had an amazing week!  She made great friends, tried all sorts of new and awesome things (zip line, archery, kayaking) and a fabulous camp counselor....  She wants to go back again and again and again and one day be a camp counselor there.  (Which was exactly what we were hoping for - that this might become her thing.)

I loved the conversations that night over dinner...they would go a little something like this...

Me:  So what was the worst thing about camp?
Chan: Um, probably having to use the bathroom at the camp out.  Either pee in the woods or use the port-a-potty.
Quinn:  Well if I went to camp I would love to use the bathroom at the camp out.  I love to pee outside. (pause) Is that cool?

It is good to have all of us back together again.

And I won't have to go through that again until next summer.

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