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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots to Say

I try not to go too long without posting because then I feel like I have a million and one things to talk about, but don't really want to write a mile long post.  But, last week I just knew how crazy it was going to be around here and I wanted the giveaway to stay at the top so that people could find it easily. 

But now I have a mile long post to write.


My mom comes from a good Irish Catholic family...six kids, 19 grandchildren, 9 great get the picture...  Well, last week, my mom had 16 people staying at her house from Chicago + Chris and I and the kids + my brother and his girlfriend + my mom and stepdad = 25 people throughout the week.  Crazy right?  The girls stayed out there the whole time (my youngest cousins are only a few years older than they are) and Quinn, Chris and I made several day trips.  (Which is not the most fun thing in the world - it's an almost 2 hour drive one way out there.)  But, it was fabulous.  My children are smitten with their great aunts and uncles.  I think one of my favorite things was my mom calling me after she, her sister, my cousin and my almost 82 year old grandmother left Magic Mike.  Yep, you read that right.  My grandmother went to see Magic Mike.  And when it was over and they left the theatre, she said she needed to find a church, go to confession and began penance.  :)


We spent time with Chris's family over the weekend to celebrate all of the summer birthdays, swim in his sister's pool and eat fantastic food.   I think the girls might have little crushes on their middle school cousin.  :)


Sunday was our anniversary.  I forgot about it.  As Chris says though, it's ok because we celebrate our love everyday.  Cheesy, right?  That's why I married him.  We tried to have a jammie day, but by mid afternoon we were itchin to leave the house.  We decided to tackle the list of things that Chan needs for sleep away camp, visit the bookstore and Trader Joe's and then, with all 3 kids, ate an anniversary dinner at Loco's. 


On Monday I served at Our Daily Bread.  And then ran errands to get us ready to go to the Laser Show.  I stocked up on glow sticks, capri suns, little waters, snacks.  We packed up the cooler, got blankets ready.  We left the house around 6:45 to pick up Molly and got to her exit a little earlier than expected, so Chris took my phone out of my purse to call her to ask if she wanted a coffee from Starbucks...and found that we had missed calls from her...she was stuck at work and wouldn't make it.  Boo.  So then we continued on our journey, paid our $10 to get into the park, unloaded the car, hiked to the lawn in front of the mountain, got everything all set up and then the storm came - complete with lightening - which is when they call the show.  We packed up and made it back to the call without getting too wet.  But by then it was late  - too late to find something to do with kids - so we did what any great parents would do - stopped and got Dunkin Donuts to eat on the car ride home.


Of course there is more to share, but I think I'll just stop for now.  :)  And the worst part about these mile long pictures!  I am so terrible about stopping to take pictures and then when I do, they're on my phone and then I am terrible about loading them onto my laptop.  Ugh.  What kind of blogger am I???  :)


Emily said...

But you know, your kids will remember that trip to the laser show when it stormed and you stopped to get dunkin donuts to eat in the car for all time. And it will be a fun, family memory. :)

Zakary said...

Tip: Set up Flickr and then you can just email your photos from your phone. And then boom: They are ready to go for your blog, you just have to grab the embed code.

Angie said...

Em - Chris and I completely agree! We tried to make it such a positive thing so that it won't be a bad memory.

ZDub - Do you want to come over and do this for me? :)

molly said...

Your Gram cracks me up. It does not surprise me at all that they would go see Magic Mike. I think that's great.

What a bummer about the laser show. However, I agree with Emily, I'm sure it was still a good memory for the kids. And how sweet that you were going to get me coffee. You know me all to well. I so look forward to joining you guys next time.

And a very Happy Anniversary to one of the best couples I know. Love you guys!