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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

Last week was jam packed {I'm sure that you'll hear all about it in a later post!}!  So I am looking forward to having a slightly slower paced week ahead of us...before two camp weeks for the girls and then we head back to work...but really, I don't want to talk about that yet.

Hello to crossing some things off our summer list!

The girls want to work on some to others...helping in the community...

So they've decided to donate some dog food and supplies to Athens Animal Control.  They desperately need puppy help feed little this guy...

Seriously, this guy is there right now.  If you haven't ever been to the animal control website (click on the source link under the picture) you need to.  

I am serving today at Our Daily Bread in Athens.  Our church...

...serves as the area soup kitchen which provides breakfast and lunch to those in need.  Our Daily Bread is run by Action Ministries which partners with churches throughout the area to provide volunteer teams to run the kitchen.  (If you're local, you should look into volunteering really is a great thing.)

We're hoping (fingers crossed) to make it to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain this week!  So fun!  The girls haven't been in several years and Q has never been - I can't wait to see his face!

We usually stock up on glow items before getting there...bring along snacks, some card games and a big blanket.  It's just $10 to get into the park - perfect for a family outing (and Aunt Molly is hoping to join us!).  

Hello to two days of work this week - an accounting meeting (blah!) and a moving classrooms day.  (I'm in the media center, which typically doesn't move ;) but I do like to help when others change classrooms - always a big job!).

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The Arizona Russums said...

You are so nice to help other teachers move their rooms! And your summer list sounds so fun!