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Friday, July 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

I feel like I just keep writing these posts that are made up of a bunch of random information.  I don't know why that keeps happening. 


We've been watching our neighbors load a moving van all day today.  I realized that I have no idea how long they've lived there, where they are going, or really even, how many kids they have.  Talk about being a recluse!  Me, not them! 


CB and I went to see Magic Mike last night.  Every ten minutes or so, I would lean over and say, "Oh my gosh, my Gram saw this!" And then ten minutes later she would lean over to me and say, "Oh my gosh, your Gram saw this!"  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.  I think it would have been more fun to watch with a packed theatre of women - you know, that crowd mentality.  It was just us and about 6 other ladies and one man.  He was drinking...we could hear the clink of the empty bottles as they rolled across the floor.


Chris made this for me recently - fresh mango, fresh mozzarella, fresh mint (that we grew!).  While it wasn't bad, I think I'll stick with a regular caprese salad.  Just in case you needed my opinion on that.


We've had some serious heart to heart conversations lately {chris and I} about our lives and where we want to go/do, our hopes and expectations {dreams} for our children.  It has felt good - like a weight has been lifted - this feeling of being realistically.... and going from there.  We have both had crazy mixed emotions about this past year and it feels good to be able to move away from them.  These conversations have been a relief {for both of us, I think}. 

And now I would like to think of this past year as the lost year.  You know, like how John Lennon left Yoko for awhile and it was referred to as "the lost weekend" ?  That's what this past year was to me.


I've listed a bunch of new stuff in the shop lately!  Have you seen it all?????  Here's a little peek...

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Elise said...

Hey...I just found you thru a Knitty Bitties giveaway and had to pop over to your shop. Lo and behold, I see you live right up the road!! Like, almost literally!! Small world...
Hope you are having a great week!!