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Monday, January 21, 2013

an MLK story and one year ago...

There are a few things (ok, quite a few things) that I love about teaching children.  And I love talking about MLK and Civil Rights.  I especially love these topics with small children.  This past week in the library I read some nonfiction books about why we have MLK Jr. Day and talked about what his "dream" was with 1st grade students.

These are some of the things that I learned...

+ a lot of kids think that his last name is Jr.  {makes sense if you think like a 6 year old}
+ they don't know what the word "minister" means
+ his dream, in its smallest form, is translated by six year olds as, we all get to drink from the same fountain  {I hate to rain on this parade, but I've seen how six year olds drink from a fountain and I think I sit that one out}

In one class we had this conversation...  {names have been changed}

 Max:  He said it was ok that I'm black and you're white.  We can still be friends.
 Me:  Yes!  Absolutely!  We can definitely be friends!
Autumn:  And I'm peach!
Me:  Oh, ok!
Sam:  And Isabelle's peach!
Isabelle:  No I ain't!
Drew:  She's not peach, she's mixed.  Jose's peach!
Brian:  He's not peach.  He's Mexican.
Me:  Okay, so let's go back to our story, shall we?

Sometimes, little kids are like a runaway train.  Just sayin.


Last year on MLK day, I slept in, woke up without an alarm, came downstairs, Chris made a pot of coffee for us and pancakes for the kids.  I checked my email at the kitchen table and I already had 4 sales in the shop (kind of a lot of a Monday morning in January) with a ton of traffic from The Pioneer Woman.     She had written a post about earrings from my shop...

...and then I did a little dance in my my pajamas.  Just sayin.

Thank you, truly, thank you, to all of you that were around before PW and to those of you that are still here.  :)


If you have the day off, I hope your three day weekend was wonderful.  Quinn has an eye doctor appointment today and I'm getting my haircut.  The girls have declared it to be a crafting day.  Chris (I'm sure) will be staring at some spread sheets.  And tonight at dinner we'll talk about how the world has changed...for the better...because of this man...

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