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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where she gets it from... {craft room}

I think I have posted about my craft space a billion times, but it is the space that I love most in my house.  I love how it has evolved...when we moved in five years ago (and for the first year that we lived here) it served as a dining room.  Like, a real, honest to goodness, dining room.  We had an oak table and chairs, buffet, and china cabinet.  But the room wasn't quite big enough for all of that.  And it has cream colored carpeting, which is just silly in a dining room with three children, if you ask me.

So after using it maybe four times in the first year, we decided to list the furniture and Craig's List and make it a more usable space.  With the money from selling the furniture, we ventured to IKEA and bought my craft table + some other things that I don't even remember.  At the time, I was a scrapbooker.  In a big way.

And since then, I've moved things around about a billion times (which has all been properly documented on this blog).  Chris has painted it for me - not once but twice.  And lovely things have happened in here...

1 pen & paint made just for me!
6 pen & paint // 7 fabric and hoop from hobby lobby, postcard from pam garrison //
 8  fabric and hoop from hobby lobby
twine + mini clothes pins + pictures printed from instagram 
{making rainbows and blue ridge craft weekend} //
9 fabric and hoop from hobby lobby, postcard from katygirl designs // 10 pen & paint
11 pen & paint // 12 um, yeah, that would be a signed picture of the lumineers{thanks, Abby!}
13 silhouettes of the girls from disney {not going to disney any time soon?  try this shop!}
14 word art made by moi // 15 love block by bubblewrappd

{canvas + modge podged old book pages + printed instagram pics + washi tape}

cork board from hobby lobby filled with some of my favorite things - notes from my children + fun business cards + lisa leonard calendar + athens notecard from natty michelle + church notecard by jamie calkin + stained "glass" painting from Casey + notes from sweet friends

I think this might be where Chandler gets her desire for a craft room from.  Do you think that, too?  ;)


Unknown said...

For a moment, I thought #5 said "Compassion is the thief of joy."

And I laughed. Terrible human. :)

Angie P said...

Hahaha! Jules, you crack me up! I miss you!