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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Never Ending...

Y'all this week seems completely never ending.  Seriously.

Chris had two late nights on Monday and Tuesday.  We ate eggs and toast on Monday and frozen pizza on Tuesday.  Ugh. 

Quinn had a crazy, crazy melt down when I picked him up from school on Tuesday.  He wanted to play outside and was mad that I was there to get them.  Nevermind that it was raining.  He laid down in the lobby of the school (in front of 5 other families) and blocked the door.  The girls and I had to wave good bye and get in the car before he would join us.  He screamed in the car for a good 10 minutes before I pulled into a parking lot.  Big sigh.  The spanking was close.  And then I said this...

Your behavior right now makes me very sad.  I was really happy to see you this afternoon and couldn't wait to get home to spend the evening together.  I was going to make a pizza and we were going to laugh and have fun and read stories.  I'm sorry that you're not happy about this too.

And then, I kid you not, the child said this...

Oh.  Is it cheese pizza?  Do you have a napkin in here so that I can dry this up?

And then he was fine for the whole rest of the night.  What the what.  My kid is bipolar for sure.  There is no other explanation.

Wednesday and Thursday are both dance nights and then we sail into the weekend.


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