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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All Better

And just like that, the girls are all better! They are actually at the movies this afternoon with Chris's mom, and Chris drove out to my mom's to pick up Quinn (yay!). It's amazing how worked up we all were for nothing. I must admit, I was fully expecting having to change bloody gauze, etc. So I am very pleased that it was such a minor procedure.

I have done the grocery shopping, finished wrapping the presents and put together some toys of Santa (aren't I a good little helper?!). I am mucho ticked though because I ordered photo books for our parents on December 12th and they just shipped them today (they were supposed to be processed and shipped within 3-5 days after ordering)! Amazingly enough, I emailed customer support this morning and then I received a shipped notice this afternoon. Suspicious, if you ask me. I am slightly irate though and have toyed with the idea of letting the company know this, but I cringe at the thought of being put on hold. Seriously. Very frustrated.

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