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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visiting Santa

I love living in a small town! One of the best parts about where we live is the Santa visit at the train depot. The women's group does this every year - Santa arrives on the fire truck with police escorts, pictures with the kids, gift bags (filled with carp, as Chris says) and then we're out of there. We got there at 9:50 this morning and were in the van, pulling out at 10:23. Yep, that's right - a grand total of 33 minutes for all 3 kids to get pictures with Santa. And, it doesn't cost a dime! Can you even believe that???

Casey is slightly confused about how the whole "telling Santa what you want" thing works. They wrote letters this week to him and she asked for an American Girl doll bed. This morning she asked him for an ATM machine. Her reasoning? If she asks him for something different each time, then she will be able to get a lot more things. Um, really? It doesn't quite work this way.

We did indeed get the tree put up last night. We wrapped presents galore this afternoon. Then we had a birthday celebration for Chris's sister, Emmy, at his parents' house. And THEN I went into Athens to finish up the Christmas shopping. Whew! I am pooped!

In other news, the girls had their consultation with the ENT this week for their frenectomies. This is where they are going to snip the muscle between their gum and top lip. Casey is also having the skin that attaches her tongue also snipped a little. We should have had this done awhile ago, but the dentist kept telling me that it would break in a fall. We have had many falls, and it has yet to break. So, they have pre-op on December 19 and the surgery on December 22. :( We are not looking forward to this at all. But, at least Santa will come right after it to make it all better. :)

Chandler's questions of the week:
1. Is God a boy or a girl? Or, is God a fairy?
2. Was God born?

I told her to ask Chris's mom, who is a wonderful Sunday school teacher. :)


Patrick and Melinda Wallace said...

I love this county. Where else could you get Santa to give you a bag of fish when you go to get your picture taken?

frankie said...

LOL, I bet Sharon is gonna LOVE you for sending her those questions....just wait 'til I tell you about our dinner conversation the other evening.....