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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bathrooms clean? Check.

Whew! Sometimes, ok, most of the time, I have no idea where the time goes! Last weekend we actually had NOTHING planned - which was outstanding! We were able to spend time with the girls, run a few errands, clean and finish up the Christmas shopping...without feeling rushed. Of course, it is 4 days later and I am again swamped in laundry, and I left work at 2:30 today (we're given "leave early" passes) so that I could come home and clean the bathrooms (my, how they sparkle!) before going to get Quinn.

But, for all of the relaxation of last weekend...this weekend is jam packed. Tomorrow morning, Chris is taking the girls to Athens Regional for their pre op appointment. I will be grocery shopping on the way home from work. Saturday morning I am meeting some dear friends of mine for a scrappin' good time. Saturday night, Molly will be joining us for gingerbread house construction, dinner and drinks (drinks!). And my parents are coming out on Sunday to see the girls before the big surgery and to take Quinn back home with them until Tuesday. I am tired just thinking about all of it.

Here's a little tidbit of our dinner conversation from last night (with a strangely familiar ring to it...)

Casey is licking her asparagus, which Chris roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper on it.

Me: Casey, stop licking your asparagus! That's not good table manners.
Casey: But its sooooooo good! I love spicy foods. *dramatic pause* I wish I was a Mexican. You know, my best friend Luciana is. And Josefina (her doll), she's a Mexican too. *big sigh, twirling asparagus on her plate*

I do love that Casey is so fascinated by another culture and have even tried to get Eunice (the Spanish translator at my school who is Mexican) to take Casey home with her so that she can learn more about it. :) I just wish she would stop putting the "a" in front of "Mexican". Apparently I still have some more work to do with this one.

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