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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quinn is perfect!

Quinn had his 6 month (can you believe it???) check up today and he is perfect. He weighs 19lbs 15 oz and measured 27.5inches. We are going to start a whole new feeding regime tomorrow - he needs to cut way back on the formula and increase the spoon feeding, so we'll see how that goes.

My mom and aunt came out yesterday and spent the day with the kids while Chris and I went into Atlanta. We had been wanting to see Molly's new antique booth in the Highlands and we needed to go to IKEA. Well, I hate Atlanta. When I was a teenager, my parents often encouraged me to drive in the city to learn my way around and there was a time when I felt comfortable going into Atlanta knowing that I would be ok. This does not really hold true any more. We made it to the highlands without incident, but struggled to find a parking spot...managed to get myself horned a few times...and was somewhat stressed by the time we actually made it inside. Then, going from the highlands to IKEA (approx. 6 miles away) took us a about an hour. We saw the aquarium, CNN center, the olympic park, none of which was on our list for the day. Stupid Atlanta - not on a grid! But, we did hit the jackpot at IKEA and it wasn't as terrible of a time there as it has been when we've gone with the girls. :)


AEM said...

Glad the checkup was good and that Christmas was a success. Your card was great. You really shouldn't have been over by the CNN center when traveling from the Highlands to IKEA, how did you manage that? We are all good, did Chris tell you that Zach made a B in math? We adopted a new dog this past Saturday. I'll bring her by for the girls to see! Didn't you have a Marley? Miss you terribly! Hugs, Anna

AEM said...

Don't send comments to my yahoo account, I don't know the password!!! Send to Anna