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Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

One of the blogs that I follow, My Charming Kids, ( does a posting every Monday entitled "Not Me Monday" and I thought that I might give it a try...

This past week I did not eat an unbelievable amount of food. Absolutely not me. I certainly did not take the last of the corn casserole without asking if anyone else wanted any.

I also did not become completely annoyed with my husband because we desperately need new windshield wiper blades on the van. Something I did not know until driving through pouring rain on our way to Chicago. It was also not my fault that we didn't have said windshield wiper blades since I was not the last one to take the van in for service.

I completely planned out packing for my family days and days before our trip so that we would not forget anything. It was definitely not me that forgot to pack diapers and had to search gas stations at 4:30am looking for some. Nope, I packed everything that we would need to be on the road with a 5 month old, someone must have taken them out...

I did not allow my daughters to sleep in their "exercise" clothes Saturday night and then wear them all day on Sunday.

That child that you saw peeing in my yard Saturday afternoon? I certainly did not tell her to. I would have come up with a better solution when the door inside the garage was locked and she had been holding it in the van for 25 minutes. It was freezing outside...I would never have encouraged my child to drop trou and squat in the yard.

I did not cry like a baby Thursday night at the thought of leaving my father, not knowing when the next time is that I will see him. That was not me with the puffy eyes and snot running out of my nose.

**I have been wanting to participate for weeks now, but didn't quite get to it on time....

1 comment:

Patrick and Melinda Wallace said...

Peeing on the lawn? What? I thought I taught you how to break into your own house. :) This whole post was hilarious, by the way.