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Monday, March 30, 2009

CRCT Practice

So here's something else from the weekend...

While we were at Dea and Gonzo's all of the kids were in the playroom upstairs - the girls being the big kids of the group.  Dea came down from checking on everyone at one point and said, "Uh, Ang, your kids are working on fractions on the white board upstairs."

So, the next time the girls came down, this was our conversation

Me:  So how is everything?  Are you having fun?
Casey:  Oh, yes, Mama, we're practicing for the CRCT.
Me:  Really.  What kind of practice are you doing?
Chan:  We're working on fractions.
Casey:  I'm writing a fraction on the board, and then Chan is drawing the picture of the fraction.
Chan:  And then we do it the other way.  You know, taking turns...
Me:  Well, alright then...glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves.

I hope that they have this same behavior at a party in about 10 years or so.

*After the conversation, I looked at the white board and they were doing a great job with their practice!*

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In The Pursuit of Education said...

Wow! Impressive! Some of my 6th graders don't understand fractions. Way to go Casey and Chandler!