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Friday, March 13, 2009

Topics of Conversation

We discussed tonight at dinner the following items...

1. The fact that Chan's initials are C.P.P ... really. Poor kid. So we are figuring that if we talk about it at home and get it out in the open and laugh about it, she will be less sensitive and better able to roll with it when the kids at school find out and start making fun of her for it. She is also still convinced that her middle name is really supposed to be "Batricia". We spent quite some time practicing the difference between the "P" sound and the "B" sound.

2. The girls' teacher is pregnant. The baby is kicking all the time now. Mrs. B wore black today to school and Casey was pleased to report that she doesn't look pregnant at all in black. Casey almost forgot Mrs. B was pregnant...but then she remembered.

3. Chris noticed this morning that when the girls go out of the van at school that they pretended to be worms. They re-inacted it for me and yes, they most certainly were worms. They have a different animal picked out to be every morning next week. Chris is very excited about you might imagine he would be.

4. The fact that Chris and I will be cleaning out their room very soon because it is a disaster and they have waaaaaay too much stuff. We asked if they play with the Barbies, "No." We asked if they play with the huge tub of baby dolls that they have, "Just a few." But the one thing that Casey was insistent that we not take was the stage. That's right, they have a stage. And she needs the stage because when she grows up she is going to be a role model. Yep.

I can't wait to hear about their dinner conversation with Chris's mom tomorrow night. :)

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