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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ohmygod I love Edward

It's true. I am obsessed. I started reading the Twilight series when Twilight first came out and then forced it on everyone that I knew. Chris and I are not big movie goers, so I knew that I would have to wait for the DVD...which I got today and watched tonight and it just reinforces my love for Edward. Definitely one of the best characters ever created. And, I must admit, I was doubtful that Robert Pattinson could bring him to life the way I imagined, but boy oh boy was I wrong. I think I might have to watch it again tomorrow night. Big sigh. Chris also wants it known that my lusting after Robert Pattinson makes me a cougar. Whatever. I'm down with that.

In other news, Quinn has decided out of the blue that he would like to be an all night sleeper. I think he heard me talking about shipping him off to my mother's. :) Thank you for all of the emails and phone calls of advice though. I am sure that the good night's sleep won't last long though, so I am tucking all of your words of wisdom away in my back pocket and keeping some tylenol in his room.

This is my quote of the day...

As we're walking out of Lowe's after already having gone to Target...
Casey: Whew! Hooray! We get to go home now.
Me: Well, I don't know, I think that Dad and I want to go to the computer store.
Casey: For what?
Me: Oh, you know, just to look around...see what we can see.
Chandler: Why?
Me: Because Dad and I want to.
Chandler: But why?
Me: Because we like looking at computers.
Chandler: *in bratty voice* Why do you always answer things with 'Because I want to' or 'Because I like that' or 'Because I said so'? Those aren't real answers you know. (huffs and puffs, rolling eyes, shuffling feet)
Me: I think it would be in your best interest to stop talking.

Yes, just another fine day in the neighborhood.

ps - we decided not to go to the apple store after all.

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