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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yes, its an untitled post. Usually I know what my post is going to be about before I start typing, but not this time. I suppose I could mention that as I am typing Quinn is carrying on in his crib like we are sentencing him to death by putting him to bed. This is a new behavior - he is usually the BEST about going to bed. But last night he decided that we were up to something in our fancy clothes and the lady with long brown hair hanging out in the kitchen (more about this in a minute) and was suspicious and would NOT go to sleep before we left. We tried everything to no avail. We eventually told the babysitter to do whatever it was that she needed to do to maintain sanity and then ran out the door. She decided to bring him downstairs for a little while longer - he cried the whole time he was down here and then some more when she finally did put him back down. We have tried keeping him up later, but it is not a fun time for anyone involved, and it does not make him sleep any better in the night. So. I'm not sure what that is all about. He has stopped crying and is now listening to his aquarium music (which he turns on and off by himself).

This weekend was busy and full of fun - for the whole family! Friday night, the girls old babysitter, and a former student of mine, BriBriana (this is what the girls call her) came over for dinner with us. We miss her now that she is in college! Saturday we spent the majority of the day cleaning out the girls room. We have an enormous amount of items that we be relocated to the nearest Goodwill including...
1. 209 Barbie dolls
2. 3 bags of Polly Pockets
3. 41 My Little Ponies
4. 2 Littlest Pet Shop Play Sets
5. 891 stuffed animals
6. 37 books
7. 18 dress up outfits
8. 2 bins of clothing

Ok, so the actual numbers may be just a tad bit off, but that is what it felt like we were packing up, and that is definitely what it looks like in the hallway! The saddest part is that it still feels like their room and closet is busting at the seams.

Yesterday was also Chris's 30th Birthday. We originally planned on going to the mac store and out for lunch at Five Guys, but reconsidered, thinking that perhaps that wasn't quite on par with a 30th b-day celebration. So, we got a sitter (1st time since we've had Quinn), and went to 5 and 10 in Athens. YUM! The best part was that I was in cahoots with his best friends Nick and Liz and they drove in from Atlanta to meet us there. Chris is incredibly surprised. From there we went to the Manhattan (one of my favorite bars in Athens). It was fabulous to have a grown up night out - dinner and drinks - while wearing make up and heels... (well, I wore make up and heels...Chris wore a tie)...outstanding!

Chris let me sleep in this morning, we worked some more in the girls room and then I took all 3 kids over to my friend Dea's house this afternoon. And now, it is time for me to start getting myself together for the week ahead. And then, Hello, Spring Break!

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