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Monday, March 30, 2009

one more thing...

Another thing about our visit to Dea's...

As we all know, Casey has a serious infatuation with Spanish speaking individuals...Well, Dea's husband, Gonzo, is Colombian and was more than happy to play along with us...He spoke Spanish directly to Casey.  Oh, my Lord, this child!  She blushed and was all giggly and giddy and then took off running.

When we were leaving,  Gonzo again spoke to her in Spanish.  Exact same reaction - blood shot to her cheeks, high pitched giggling and then she hid behind me.  

Tonight at dinner, Chris asked her about it.  Blushing, giggling, she replied, "I couldn't help it!  I am a very shy person!"  WHAT???  Really?  Seriously?  And then she admitted that she thought Gonzo was really cute.  I think its the foreign language attraction.  :)

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