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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chicago Post No.1

There will more than likely be a Chicago Post No.2 over the weekend, but for now, a quick recap. We left Friday night and made it there around 8am Sat. morning. I believe this trip will be our last night drive. We drove through what definitely felt like a tornado in southern Illinois around 2:30 in the morning - rain, hail, whipping winds - definitely not fun. When we got there, my wonderful Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike took over childcare duties while Chris and I took over the bed. Sleep is a wonderful thing. Saturday night, my cousins Mike (his wife Jenn) and Beth (her son, Ryan) came over for dinner. Sunday morning we headed off to Dad's for a cookout celebration. There were over 50 people at Dad's on Sunday and food for 800. Seriously. I think I gained 6 pounds on Sunday alone. Monday, my dad and stepmom took the girls on a shopping trip and Tuesday we went to the Children's museum, and to Space Golf. Wednesday we met up with my Gram, Aunt Pat and Uncle Russ for lunch, dinner at Dad's and then on our way home. 2 summers ago we were lucky enough to come up for 10 days...I hope we are someday able to do that again...this trip was much too short.

Every year, I take a picture of the girls at the piano. This is the first time that Q joined them.

My Dad and his sister, Dorothy.

Cousins! Joey, Lisa, me, Jessica and Tony.

2nd cousins! Chan, Jayliana and Casey.

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