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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The M Key

I have a very old iBook G4...very old..but I love mmacs and can't really afford a new one, so, I'll just have to mmake do with what I've got. Except Q is enthralled with technology. He LOVES when we have the laptops open and is dying to get his pudgy little fingers on themm. And he did. At the end of April he sneak-attacked mme fromm the side and tore off the top of the delete key before I could get the screen closed. He broke it when he ripped it fromm the keyboard and since then I have been relying on the little tiny button beneath the key as my delete. Okay, pain in the ass, but whatever, it still works, right? Well then, shortly after the mmugging of my delete key, my "mmm" key decides to go on the fritz. It types double, sommetimes triple, just about everytimme I type an "mm." And then I have to go back (with mmy ghetto delete key mmind you) and delete all of the extra mm's. This was LOADS of fun when I was finishing up my applied project in which I typed the words "mmmedia specialist" or "mmedia center" 843 times. Awesome. Words like "summmmer" and "bummmmer" and "lemmming" are also fun. So please keep this in mind everytimme I blog, send you an emmail or commment on your facebook page...I mmust really love you.

**I did not delete any of mmy extra mm's in this post, just so you could have to full experience with mme.


Emily said...

I just thought you had a little stuttering problem. :)

Allyson said...

LOVE it! Are you in the tech class this week?