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Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the Go!

That definitely describes us these days. I realized last weekend that we are down to the very end of our summer. Essentially we had this week, next week (we leave on Friday for Chicago) and then we are in Chicago until the Thursday before we go back to work. YIKES! How did that happen??? So, according to Chris, I have scheduled us into the grave. The past week, we....

Went up to work at my school (oh, what fun!)
Went swimming with Meg, her kids, and the Wylie's at Rebecca's house
Attended a Leadership Meeting at my school
Went to the dermatologist to have my stitch taken out (the mole was nothing)
Helped Frankie organize the studio and went out to dinner (YAY!)
Went out to dinner with Anna and Donna (YAY!)
Took a nap
Did laundry
and went to Zoo Atlanta today with Dea and her crew (another YAY!)

Next week we will be...

Going to work up at school
Going to Prayer Group
Having a Book Club Meeting
Getting my hair cut and colored
Getting the girls hair cut
Attending a UMW get together

Whew...I think I might need to go to bed...the list makes me tired just thinking about it. In addition to all of that, Chris also has about 2 weeks left before he finishes his M.Ed. Hooray! Hopefully at that point we will have a normal life...doing normal things...with our normal free time. There is free time in normal life, isn't there? :)

All this talk about Chicago though makes me very excited. We will arrive on Saturday, Sunday Dad is having a cook out, Monday and Tuesday Dad has taken off work to be with us, Tuesday night Chris has a man date to Wrigley Field with some of my boy cousins, and then we are leaving Wed around dinner time. Chicago really does make me happy.

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