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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

Because I don't have any pictures to go with whatever it is that I am going to write tonight, I pulled out some shots of the girls from 4 summers ago...when they were 3 and having fun meant dancing to the oldies with mom in the living room, perfecting "the batman." Enjoy.


Casey in the blue, Chan in the pink. This is before they told me what their favorite colors were and before I could tell that pink "does not look good on Chandler."

My Channy girl

Ok, so back to this summer when they are 7...much older and wiser then they were at 3. Whew! I am starting to feel a little bit tense as the last bit of summer is closing in on us. I know, I know, I don't want to talk about that either...but its true. We spent 4th of July weekend out at Mom's, Monday the girls had a play date, Tuesday I had a dermatologist appointment (more on that in a minute), Wednesday another play date and then Thurs and Fri we were at Mom's. This next week is more craziness for us and then we are leaving for Chicago on July 24, coming back the following Thursday and starting work the next Monday. Do you see? Can you believe it? Really? I can count summer down just like that.

So, about the dermatologist visit...I have moles. Not an overwhelming amount, but a few and just wanted to make sure they were ok, which in the case of the ones that I was aware of, they all were normal healthy moles. But I seemed to have a spot of bother, if you will, (not Haddon's best book, but funny for this), on my lower back they I had never noticed...completely unaware of its existence. Well, she removed it and sent it in for a biopsy. It was "suspicious" to her. Damn "suspicious" mole. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. In the mean time, I have increased my alcohol intake, chewed my nails down to the quick and have sprouted 18 new gray hairs. But I am sure it will be fine.

In other news, Q is back up to his tricks again. The not sleeping through the night, being a pain in my ass, tricks. He has also decided that 5am should be the sippy cup call and 6am should be the wake up call. We were becoming very spoiled with him sleeping until almost 8am the whole month of June. Big sigh.

The girls went to acolyte training today at church. This is where they learned all of their "acolyting" skills. Seriously. You didn't know it could be a verb, did you? According to Chan it is.

I have something funny to share in another post...that will come sooner than you think!

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Emily said...

Aw, that was the summer I first met them. And Jonah was born. Seems like yesterday. It's a good thing they got their colors sorted out. That way Jonah knows which Casey is which.