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Monday, July 6, 2009


For Quinn's b-day my aunt sent him an Elmo Live doll. Q is a big fan of Elmo, but their first meeting didn't go as well as I had hoped. Note the evidence as shown in picture #1. Quinn attacked Elmo and then clapped. He did this repeatedly. As we are not violent people in our house, I'm not sure where he learned these manners. The second picture is of Q plotting his next attack. It came about 30 seconds after the picture was taken and it also included a headbutt and some humping. On the plus side, the girls adore this Elmo doll and think that if they talk to him, he will talk back. Seriously.
Now, this next series of pictures is really something. On my way home from taking the girls to Vacation Bible School, Chris calls on my cell phone....
Me: Hey, I was just getting ready to call you.
Chris: Yeah, I just want to let you know that Quinn is not allowed to have any naked time after a bath any more.
Me: Oh, no, what did he do?
Chris: Well, you know the red balloon?
Me: Yes.
Chris: Well, during naked time Quinn climbed on the balloon and had it pressed into his abdomen and started humping it. He was laughing and smiling and having a great time. So great of a time that I thought I should take pictures of it. It was funny. So, I'm taking pictures, we're having a good time when I realize, 'Wait a second...he's taking a dump on the floor...oh, no, he really is shitting on the floor.'
Me: *gasp* He shit on the floor? And you stood there taking pictures?
Chris: Well, I didn't know when I was taking the pictures that that was what he was doing. It was after taking the pictures...and then I realized that he had pissed all over the shit AND the balloon.
Me: Awesome.
Chris: So, no more naked time...and he's going to bed now.


Emily said...

You should spend 30 minutes with Jonah! Quinn will seem like a walk in the park...minus the pooping and peeing on the floor, of course.

Cindy said...

That is so hilarious!!!!!! Can't stop laughing!!!!!!! :)

molly said...

omg, I'm crying laughing. I can just see Chris in total amazement of what was happening before him.

Unknown said...

OMG, this is pee your pants funny! No pun intended. Really, really awesome. You remember Shawn's cackle? Yeah. Cackle-worthy.

Humper Harder said...

I wish I could hump his butthole he looked so innocent fuck that sweet Looking meat hole is growing up now