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Monday, December 28, 2009

And then there were 3...

I know that I have mentioned before how incredibly lucky I feel in the friend dept and I feel the need to mention it again.

Saturday night my dear friends, Molly and Juli, came over for a visit and then the 3 of us headed into Athens for pizza at TransMet. Molly and I have been friends for over half my life now - starting in the days of high school track (which was a mistake on both our parts and the only things that we really gained from the experience was a hatred for running and our friendship). She is someone that I trust and admire. She is someone that I know that I can depend on to listen, to laugh with or cry to. She also has unbelievable taste in home decorating and fashion. She is a vintage guru. I often find myself green with envy (in a healthy, positive way) when I am around her. Jules was Molly's roommate in the dorm their freshman year at UGA and then again during college in an apartment and then 7 years ago they moved to Chicago together. Juli is another amazing woman. She lives in Brooklyn now and is a freelance writer and runner. She looks spectacular - so chic - and again I find myself green with envy (in, of course, a healthy and positive way). I love these women because I know that I can trust them with my soul. That I can come to the table and there is no judgment, no harshness and when I leave them I have such a sense of peace and happiness and a reserve of encouragement that I can draw from on days when I not feeling as peaceful or happy.

So, ladies, I thank you. Because right now my living room is a disaster, my son is running around half dressed, my daughters desperately need a bath, the bills need to be paid and I am feeling very unmotivated (and using the blog as a procrastination device), but I think back to Sat night and my wonderful friends and I am then quite pleased with my life and the fact that you are a part of it.


molly said...

OMG- you are so sweet. Wow, I feel so honored to be a subject on your blog. I just adore you to pieces. I had a marvelous time Sat. night and I think we all needed some good girl time together. You are amazing and envied yourself, you should know.

Unknown said...

angie. the best thing a woman can give to herself is friends like these ladies. women you trust implicitly. women who speak truth and love into your life, very much like a blessing.