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Thursday, December 24, 2009

So We Have This Train....

...and Q thinks that the books on the shelves are still more fun. Actually, that is not entirely true. He is a master train conductor - he can ride side saddle and jump off, he can lean back, operate it with one hand and wave with the other, he can start and stop it so quickly that he jerks back in the seat, finding this immensely amusing. He was riding the train, whipping through the figure 8 when I ran to get the camera. When I came back and he saw that I was ready to snap his picture, he jumped off and headed for the shelves. Almost like, "Take a picture of this, Mama." Where did we get this lovely train that takes up our whole library?, you might ask. Yes, ahem, that is thanks to my parents.

The week has gone by in a blur. But all in all, a good blur. We FINALLY closed on our refinance this morning. We are now free of Bank of America/Taylor Bean and all of their nonsense. We had a great afternoon with Chris's family. Tomorrow we will stay in our pajamas all day. I call that a great Christmas!

Chandler, Quinn and Casey

Chandler and Casey

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