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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Worst Hair Day Ever

Chandler ran down the stairs last night screaming, "This is the worst hair day ever!" Now, mind you, I had braided her hair earlier in the day and I thought she was having a super cute hair day. Clearly though, once she tangled her bangs in the comb, it became the "worst hair day ever." My vote was to just cut it out. Chris had enough patience left to sit with her and untwist her hair out of the comb. We are not really sure what she was doing to land herself in this predicament. She was not really sure what she was doing to land herself in that predicament. It will remain an unsolved mystery.

We have learned that Q's favorite t.v. show is Yo Gabba Gabba. It is the modern day version of Teletubbies in my opinion. Although it is slightly better - they do speak actual English on this show. I found some clips on the computer last night - Q was thrilled! We began sitting together and watching on the couch, but it didn't last long. He decided that he needed to watch standing up so that he could dance. The girls were also thrilled.

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Unknown said...

i think that yo gabba gabba is more like sid and marty croft. that may have been before your tome. but it is just as creepy.