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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ride to Target

Last night the girls and I journeyed into Athens for a little Target shopping before their sleep over with DoeDoe. They loved looking at all of the houses decorated for Christmas and kept a running count of how many they saw throughout the evening.

Chan: Casey! Casey! Looklooklooklook! (pause) Oh! You missed it!
Casey: Well, I can't turn that fast because my leg hurts and I have this f*cking coat on!
Me: Um, what did you say?
Casey: My leg hurts. Its been sore allllllll day!
Me: And what about your coat?
Casey: Its fluffy.

Whew. Apparently I need to clean my ears out.

Then there was this...

Me: Ok, so at Target, you need to pick a girl gift to take to class that is $3-$5. Any ideas?
Chan: Ugh. It's going to take forever to find something that costs exactly $4.
Me: No, it can be $3, or $4 or $5.
Chan: Huh? What are you talking about?
Me: Something that is greater than $3 or less than $5.
Chan: Right. We have to find something that costs $4.
Me: Argh! Ok, something that is equal to or greater than $3 or equal to or less than $5.
Chan: I get it!

This is what I get for marrying a math teacher. I have to always use the proper math terms or they just don't get it.

We let the kids open their presents from my dad and Ger last night. The girls were thrilled with their American girl stuff and clothes from Old Navy. Quinn was thrilled with the wrapping paper. He would rip a tiny piece off, go throw it in the a piece off, go throw it in the trash...and on and on and on. It took him much longer to open his presents than it did the girls. Actually things didn't turn around for him until we brought the trash bag over to clean up the girls' mess. This cut down on Q's travel time and sped the opening process along.

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