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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Day At the American Girl Store

It was Ella's 5th birthday today. We spent it (along with 800 other people) at the American Girl Store. Their dolls had their hair styled, we ate lunch, we rode the carousel, we even had princess curls put in their hair (by a man at the curling iron kiosk at the mall - he spoke like Frank in Father of the Bride - and tried desperately to sell me a $300 curling iron. By the end, he was down to "giving it to me" for $93. Casey had a head of curls and he only gave Chan one curl, which led to a minor meltdown - only little tears - not full out sobbing). The girls each had over $100 in gift cards and spent 4-ever deciding on what to buy. They needed to know every possible combination of items. In the end, Chandler got the kit with crutches, casts and bandages, a pair of ice skates, a pair of heeley's, Rebecca's robe and slippers, and a jazz outfit. Casey got the sweet treats set, Kit's school days outfit, new pajamas, a new t-shirt, red flats and pink furry boots. Total $238. New hair-do's - $30. Lunch at the food court, $21. Carousel rides $4. Not having to go back until Ella's 6th birthday....priceless.

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